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This album is a total dose to summon the elements for destruction and rebirth of this modern, mercenary world. This album is for those who do not afraid to look into the eyes of their sad future and are ready to meet the Death one on one. The world hates itself and, as a mythical world serpent, bites its own tail.

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And all the mankind destroys itself and the planet - zealously and thoughtlessly. This album is created by the breath of darkness accompanying us everywhere. Nycticorax MySpace. Official Homepage. Die Finnen Sturmfront bringen nach 7 Jahren, endlich wieder eine neue Scheibe raus. Limited to copies. Decadent Black Metal.

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More informations: www. Backed by the local booking agency the band performs regularly live in cities of Russia and Ukraine looking forward to doing as many live shows as they can get. Press informations. Black Metal from Latvia.

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Strix Nebulosa - deutscher Black Metal! Strix Nebulosa - German Black Metal! You will recognize very soon, this One Man Project - that is here since - is influence by guitar-orientated bands from Northern regions, as well as actual bands from France and Canada. Harsh; very harsh but melodic and with a certain message combined with a quality focus Strix Nebulosa is merciless!

As said in several interviews the way shall go forth onwards the German Black Metal Elite - could be that this goal is reached earlier as Strix Nebulosa thought!

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Atmosphere meets rage here. Get your copy now! Listen YouTube. Jetzt exklusiv auf Vinyl.

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Limitiert und handnummeriert auf blutrote Exemplare. Erscheint in Zusammenarbeit mit Nordsturm Productions. First collaboration between Terror Records and Unholy War. Intolerant, militant and hateful german black metal. Get ready for the War. Support the real scene. Format All Paperback Hardback Audio. Refine results. Filter your search Filter by categories. Showing 1 to 30 of 48 results.

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