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I am glad to see there are so many other Italians trying to preserve our culture and our heritage. In an age where it is common to present Italian culture as a joke, it is refreshing to have a place dedicated to its true preservation. My cousins and I are trying to remember a rhyming game our grandmas did with us when we were kids. There were two diff. Our grams were from the Calabria region of Italy.

Hello All, I hope someome can help me out. Here are some of the words to the song, Please forgive the spelling. Toni C. Or what is means? If you think a word is spelled differently or know the song, let me know please. Thanks, Nick. While sitting on her bent knees facing her she would dip me back and then pull me forward and end the whole thing with tickles.

It goes phoenetically and some Italian. Seek a seek a luma lean, a mange pane, a no fedeen. Any ideas? My grandparents were from the Potenza region and had a song they about baking bread. As best I can remember it goes like this: Se gasi gats Un bon a nula fats …… se dice Catherine. My Father passed away April He came from Corneo Ausonio, Frosinone Province.

He always sang a song to all the grandchildren where he would place their hand flat on the table anf with his fnger he would sing the song while tapping each finger.


When the song was finished, the last finger that he touched would be folded under their hand and the song would start over again. The song started: Rinzu, Rinzu. I am trying to find the words to the song to give to all the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My mother used to sing me this song when I was a kid, and her mother taught it to her. She would run her hands down my cheeks and it ended in a tickle. My grandmother did that too! My Nonna was from Sicily.

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She used to sing a song to me about a bed that was so small, even a cricket couldnt fit. My grandmother used to tell us a nursery rhyme similiar to Dorothy…. Only it was something like…see the birdy in the fountain, see the hunter with the gun the hunter shot the bird, cleaned the bird and ate the bird….

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She would sing it while bouncing us on her knees like a little pony. I have no idea what the words were, but it was in the same rhythm as the Ki ki ki Cavallo song, and sounded like this apologies for phonetic nonsense : Ti-toc, Ti toc Cavallo En dremon fillia or fenya? My father was from Sicily Mazara del Vallo, near Trapani. Tom, you have a version of this rhyme here and there.

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An old treasure trove. There are some Calabrese rhymes. Now, what about you all guys learning some Italian? What I can do you guys can also do! You first have to know filastrocca plural filastrocche , ninna nanna pl. Then you put the name of the Italian region into Google and go to the Wiki article in Italian which should give you the adjective somewhere calabrese, siciliano etc….

Now an interesting link to Italian dialects dictionaries. My great grandma is calabrese and she used to sing us two different things when we were little. If someone could help me out that would be great!! Please e-mail me at laur yahoo. Hi, I hope you can help me. Buon Natale! My grandfather always used to play this game with me where he would sing this rhyme and tap on my back and at the end would put up a certain number of fingers between 1 and 5 and I had to guess. If I guessed wrong he would tickle me. Would you be able to tell me?

Square, nice square, there a mad hare passed by: the thumb saw it, the forefinger killed it, the middle finger skinned it, the ring finger cooked it and the pinkie ate it. Tell the Lady that I love her much And tell her to comfort me in all pains. You keep a hand on my head In all dangers and all storms. Always lead me on the right path With all my dear ones, and so be it. She has since passed on and now we would like to continue the tradition but I have no idea if I am saying it right and what it means so that I can explain it to my children.

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I hope you can help me. As we say this, we gently pat their cheeks.. Please forgive my phonetics.. Looking for the italian rhyme my grandmother Calabrese used to say to us when we were kids. Anyone familiar with it? I am looking for one too Goes like this : One day my goat went out in the yard and ate an old tin can and when she had little ones they came in Ford Sedan.

Another part is One day my cat went out in the yard and ate a ball of yarn and when she had little ones they came with sweaters on. Both are followed with Italian words not sure if it is a Song or a Lullaby. I am trying to find the correct spelling of an Italian song that my grandmother and mother used to sing to me and my siblings.

Like a lot of the Italian rhymes, it is done with a baby on the knee, rocking them back and forth. At the last two lines repeated lines , the baby is tickled or gently shaken. My grandma and grandpa and great aunts used to sing this nursery rhyme to me and my siblings while we rocked standing on their knees with them holding our hands when we were very little.

Not sure which side of the family the song originates from. I would like to find real name and possibly recording of it somewhere but all i know is the verbalization we use probably not accurate italian please help me identify this song and possibly where to find it if so: tesi mani, pit in gani, della fita ic a something mani, tesi gonella piti gonella paw paw paw paw pi ti paw paw paw.

My grandparents were from Sicily: Marineo and Argrigento. My nonna sang a mani manuzzi song that I learned and have passed down to my daughter and now granddaughter. It sounds like this: Mani Manuzzi, pan e figuzzi ora viene Papa Porte le cosi and mindi ca e se ne va Pan e nuccidi Pista piccelida! Heres a song my grandmother sings, i have no idea of the name and cant find it anywhere.. I can close my eyes and still feel it. Phonetically, what you posted is exactly what I remembered.

I just wish someone else knew it, too! There was more tot he song, but I have forgotten and wish to teach this one song to my grandchildren. If you know of it and the translation to english, I would greatly appreciate it. My grandmother was from Marsala, Sicily. Thank you for your help. Hello Lisa, I wanted to see if you know this italian song that my Grandfather used to sing to me when I was younger.

I hear it occationally when I am at an Italian restaurant put I can never find it. We are all trying to remember how it goes to pass on to my children, but it has been so many years and Nonna cannot remember much of it at all. Please, this was a very special childhood memory.

Thanks in advance for the help!! I am looking for help on this one, My nonno was from Porto Empedocle in Sicily. It went something like this: Beetsu beetsu luni manopo lapi luni quando saga magarita de lunum betsu gida and then i believe counting was done by pulling gently on the fingers.

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  8. Does anyone know the name and the proper spelling and words? We have a verse of Arre, arre, cavalluccio here :. Arre, arre, cavalluccio Quanne arrive a Murchigliano Nce accattammo nu bello ciuccio Arre, arre, cavalluccio. When I was little, my grandmother used to sing a song with my back facing her and she would tap some fingers against my back.

    The goal of the game, I guess, was to guess the numbers she was holding up. She recently passed and kids and grands want to know to pass on. My mother in law italian sings this to my kids when she puts them to sleep. I love how there are all different variations of songs yet they are very similar. Manna manu, ca veni Papa! Eta porta cose e sa Boom e ledda, bac e ledda Piu catti la fiu bedda! My grandmother used to sing a song to all the babies and little kids and phonetically sounded like this:. Moosha machell Pana cashell Pana racott Toofalaboot boot pronounced like foot.

    I never tired of hearing it…it was the only time my grandmother sang. Any information about this would be greatly appreciated! My daughter is taking singing lessons and I think I have a song some others here have been looking for! I am lost with an old lullaby my nonna used to sing. Again we would sit facing onward her as she would rock us singing this lullaby. In her abbruzze slang? Toc a me toc a te quanta farina face n face an metzite insert name e rica ric. Name e ric e buon. Something about being in a piazza. Passa la pappa se e dice eccola chitilla me! Please help :. I am looking to find out the words to a nursery rhyme my grandmother from Calabria, Italy used to say to me.

    It starts: Questo dice capo pane Questo dice con chi non. I am not able to spell it correctly or anything, I just remember some of the words and I can hear her voice in my head saying it. She has passed away and I want to learn this nursery rhyme so I can teach it to my children and someday gradchildren. Please help. Louis, my great grandmother sang a very similar, if not the same, lullaby to us. You have more words than I do though — have you found out anything more? My grandma sang the same song, and then my mom..

    My grandfather passed away about 10 years ago, and nobody can remember what he used to sing to all the baby cousins whenever he held them. If you could give us any help it would be so greatly appreciated, we miss him so and want the song to stay with the new generation coming along as my cousins and siblings have our own children! Excuse the spelling. This is an Italian ditty. I am looking for a nursery rhyme that my nonna used to sing to us as kids. She would have us sitting in her lap facing her and would rock us back and forth while singing it and would get lower and lower as she rocked us and at the end would kinda shake us.

    The song seems similar to Sedia Sediola but the words I remember are a bit different. Seda seda matim pa della bowl ghla volchri na mi nella…. My dad used to say it to us. Does this sound familiar to anyone? He used to do the same thing to my niece before he passed away and she was just asking me how it went. Any help is appreciated. Moosha moushella , atta tella , a do si gouda, che ca vacca, frutte di vacca!! My family is from the Bari area. My grandfather used to sing a nursery rhyme about a mouse if i recall……. Im not sure if the spelling is correct but it may have been called gena gen.

    My father-in-law used to say a rhyme to the children when they were little. His father was from Calabria, his mother from Sicily, so not sure the origin. Am I even close? Would love to know what it really was — he is in a nursing home now with Alzheimers and all the grandchildren have been talking about this of late. She would take our hands and clap them together patty-cake style was singing the following spelled phonetically …. It tells about a donkey, and how the donkey shared the grieves of his master by singing to him Ee-Aw, Ee-Aw… My grandparents were both from the north, so I follow quite easily the northern dialects, but the southern ones I find harder, and cannot write them down myself.

    I shall deeply appreciate help on it. You can hear it sung in this YouTube video. The lyrics below are from Wikitesti.

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    Thank you Monique. How lovely of you! I really appreciate your help. Of course, the spelling is incorrect. My grandmother was from Palermo. My grandmother would sing this to me growing up. I think it is something about a cat in a church? Thanks so much if this rings a bell with any paisans! This is how my dad and i remember it.. Our version was something like this: forgive my spelling. Zega bolla Pan e cipolla Cipolla cucinare Name of child mi piace Piace tonda bella Dupaladoooooobalagondella!

    I loved reading these posts. I miss my east coast home so much and my grandparents, RIP. Hi, I have a song my great grandma sang to me in Italian and I would like to know what it meant in English! Hi, My nonni would always sing a song to us in Italian when she would put us to sleep. One needs to plan ahead accordingly. Bravo San Francesco! You must be logged in to post a comment. San Francesco St. Francis October 4 marks the feast of one of the most beloved saints, St.

    Be praised, my Lord, for brother wind and air, and every kind of weather, cloudy and fair, by which you give your creatures what they need. We participated in some activities together like le canzoni del mattino the morning songs , merenda snack , and giorno della pizza pizza day , but for more advanced activities the older kids worked separately. Putting together an abbreviated script was easy, the difficult part came when the campers had to then memorize, understand, and act out their lines in their new language! Though it was challenging it truly helped them advance in their Italian speaking abilities.

    All in all, they put on a great show! Abbiamo fatto molte cose! Luned, a causa della pioggia, abbiamo giocato dentro. Abbiamo imparato che la parola per flag la bandiera , e abbiamo fatto delle bandiere per tutti. Abbiamo imparato del quattro luglio negli Stati Uniti e abbiamo costruito dei fuochi artificiali.

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    Venerd, abbiamo imparato degli animali che abitano nel mare, per esempio la medusa e la tartaruga. Abbiamo fatto una bel disegno con gli adesivi e le conchiglie. Friday at Italian Camp our tema della giornata theme of the day was sotto il mare under the sea. We began the day reading a story about the different types of animali del mare sea animals along with coordinating pictures. We then followed with a song. Singing along with the music helped the kids understand the new Italian words and internalize their meanings. Later in the day when we worked on our under water scene the kids were then able to easily ask for the appropriate sea animal stamps they wanted to use.

    Instead of asking for octopus, they were requesting polipo! Crab Il Granchio. Shark Lo Squalo. Whale La Balena. Fish Il Pesce. Sea horse Il Cavalluccio marino. Star fish La Stella marina. Octopus Il Polipo. Contributed by our intern Justine DiDonato.