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Je mehr Liebe wir verschenken, umso reicher ist unser Herz. Ohne Worte Kennst du diese Kopf- oder Herz-Entscheidungen? Jetzt muss ich allerdings sagen, dass das Herz gewonnen hat. Ich bleibe weiterhin Wochenendpendler. Flieg los! Wann, wenn nicht jetzt? Wo, wenn nicht hier?

Wer, wenn nicht DU? Wunder werden wahr, wenn wir von Herzen an sie glauben. Die Kunst zu leben besteht vielleicht vor allem darin, seinen eigenen Weg zu gehen und sich dabei die Offenheit zu bewahren, immer wieder neue Wege zu entdecken. Im Grunde findet es uns.

Godehard Schramm

Ich versuche aufmerksamer und achtsamer mit S. Auf sie einzugehen und mich ihrem Tempo anzupassen. Ich versuche still zu stehen und die Welt liebevoll zu betrachten.

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I much prefer elegance! Christian Liaigre, interior design iCon whose work has been often imitated but never surpassed. Our secret? Our books are not sold in bookstores! Martine and ProsPer assouline, Publishers of the faMous luxury lifestyle books. PhotograPhed in their new york office by Mark seelen. Being a modern gypsy means rejecting anything artificial and being at one with nature. Tamara Comolli, jewelry designer. What I enjoy most? Seeing a project through from the first sketch drawings to the final delivery.

Whiteness shows architectural elements in their purest form. The Getty Center in L. It all starts with an intellectual idea of what art should be, but then you improve your technical ability so that you can express your ideas. Lisa perry, fashion designer and pop art Queen in her apartment in new york. This wonderful place is first and foremost about having fun: The sky, the mountains, the ice and plenty of friends!

Childhood memories that had a strong impact on me? When I was ten years old my father took me on a trip to Germany and showed me the spa in Baden-Baden. I had never seen anything like it before!

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I never dreamt the response to Design Miami would be so huge. Things just snowballed, getting bigger and bigger. As a teenager, I worked every hotel job you can possibly think of. Being an architect is not a job, but a commitment. I never lose sight of that. Seven villas, a clubhouse with spa above and a building with four units blend in between olive groves and cypresses on a terraced hillside. A view like no other: Gardone Riviera is the place to be on Lake Garda.

The hills around the old spa resort give rise to a mild climate. And always in sight: the lake. The buildings by the american architect Richard Meier are white and dominated by strict geometric forms. They are also famous for their lightflooded interiors. The design for this villa in Gardone Riviera is no exception: Many of the high windows are extended around corners and contours, allowing the sun to fall in from different directions — and making the landscape omnipresent.

MAtteo thun. It appears to float like a bridge over the olive grove. Looking out over the infinity pool, it melts into the blue of the lake. Typical trademarks are the open fireplace in the living room, and the giant terraces. In this sense, there is a great deal of consistency. Marc Mark. Jutting out over the structure, the upper floor also forms the roof for part of the terrace, providing protection from the heat or the rain. The architecture firm aTP Sphere is based tion and character of the approx.

You can one hand and, on the other hand, bring the lake into view time and ua guess why? Land aPPRox. Magical Montenegro As the demand for yachts of metres grows, so the yachting industry here continues to boom. With good reason: incredible natural beauty and a good infrastructure make this part of the Mediterranean an absolute jewel.

Photos: Daniel nyul. Three decks and four levels — the MS Annamia, built by the famous Italian shipyard Baglietto, affords the highest imaginable level of comfort for exclusive gatherings, plus a great deal of privacy. The large Jacuzzi and the elegant sun loungers are an absolute dream for sunbathing enthusiasts. Stunning mountain ranges, secluded bays with crystal-clear water and lush green vegetation all form a part of the majestic backdrop to Porto Montenegro.

Once a sleepy little port, this is soon to be the site of one of the most sensational marinas in Europe with more than boat moorings for luxury yachts and a 5-star hotel resort with luxury apartments — which can also be acquired individually. There is also a great purchase and charter demand for yachts of between 24 and 70 metres. The metre yacht MS Annamia, award-winning for her sheer beauty, promises a recuperative experience of the highest order.

The sublime sensation of enjoying life to the full on the flybridge is indescribable! Yachting dreams and aspirations can really come true here! In the idyllic setting of the medieval village of Castello di Postignano, amid the rich heritage and wild romance of Umbria, age-old structures and modern design have been united to form a truly unique dwelling place. J Blessed with glorious nature taking pride in its undulating hills and romantic ravines, Umbria is known around the globe for its sites of historic importance dating back to the Roman Empire, its wealth of cultural treasures, the truffles so prized by connoisseurs the world over and, of course, its internationally renowned jazz and music festivals in the summertime.

Within the walls of the resort as it stands today, farmers and craftsmen were once at home more than 1, years ago. Today, it is an almost unique symbiosis of ancient structures, contemporary design and exceptional comfort. Each one of these exclusive living units is an absolute one-ofa-kind, exuding a special charm of its own.

Appointed throughout with air-conditioning, underfloor heating, upmarket kitchens, tasteful bathrooms and panoramic windows, the residential units expertly bring together the magic of bygone eras with the living standards of the future. Be enchanted by this wonderful tableau of Italian culture and take pleasure in the dolce vita! Half of the island is a designated landscape and nature conservation area. Sylt attracts admirers unlike hardly any other holiday destination — for its first-class gourmet cuisine, superb cultural offerings and, of course, its spectacular natural beauty. Rantum is one of the most charming, untouched villages, just a few kilometres south of the town of Westerland.

Set on a large southwest-facing plot spanning approx. The houses both have three bedrooms and are graced with an upmarket and extremely tasteful interior, an open fireplace and a sizeable sauna complete with a relaxation area and bathroom on the lower ground levels.

The solid wooden floors in the living rooms and bedrooms, and natural stone floors in the bathrooms, add the finishing touch to this exceptional domicile. This listed 17th century farmhouse sets the scene for a Bavarian way of life at the height of sophistication. Visitors gain a real sense of the grandeur of this property from the moment they enter the lightflooded entrance with its glass and steel frontage jutting right up to the roof, its open roof truss and wonderful outlooks over the surrounding rural scenery.

The main house spans some 1, sqm, perfectly combining the lovingly restored part with a traditional layout and cosy dining room with a tiled stove with a new building completed in with an elevator, a large living area, spa and underground garage with five parking spaces. This dream home is a beautiful rarity that enjoys an ultra-modern appointment with attention paid to the tiniest details. Perfect for enjoying the very best of Bavarian cosiness in magnificent surroundings with ample comfort!

Oozing all the charm of a traditional Bavarian farmhouse, this exclusive estate is surrounded by a dream 13 ha land plot with lush meadows and exuberant fruit trees. It is possible here to erect an additional utility building for use as guest apartments, stables or garages — making it perfect, for instance, as a riding school! Entering through the soaring foyer with its double marble staircases, one is greeted by professional.

Besides custom built-ins and high ceilings, oversized picture windows showcase the panoramic views to the gulf of Mexico. Beautiful beds of roses guide residents and visitors to the most charming entrance, which is reminiscent of romeo and Juliet. The property is spread over three large parcels of land, each spanning approx. Only one of these plots has been developed — with an attractive two-storey villa with a cellar constituting a built-over area of approx. Other notable features include aluminium window frames, underfloor heating, solar energy water heating and a self-cleaning pool.

IntErIor aPProx. Highlights are a gourmet kitchen, a spa with a sauna and hammam, a heated saltwater infinity pool with fountains, waterfall and Jacuzzi, a surround sound system, underfloor heating throughout, plus a security system. Reflections of the sea and the mountains can be cherished at all times here. Besides the living room with a fireplace and huge picture windows looking out onto the magnificent scenery, there are five bedrooms, five bathrooms,. Spain, BaSque Country Price euro 2. Surrounded by an. Fully renovated in , there is a grand and tranquil way of life to be led here.

Built in a traditional architectural design, the property is set over three levels and boasts seven bedrooms and three bathrooms. Built in by a famous architect, it has been cared for with a great deal of love and affection ever since and finds itself in immaculate condition. Superb views can also be enjoyed from here over lake geneva and the mountains. Switzerland, zurich PricE chF 4. Switzerland, zurich PrIce chF 2. Land aPProx. Set away from the main through-traffic, this is an exceptional dream home with a high quality of life to offer.

Switzerland, lucerne PricE cHF 3. Switzerland, ticino Price cHF 6. The exclusive home has six bedrooms with three bathrooms, a large living area, a fully fitted kitchen, dining room and sauna. There are three garage parking spaces on offer, as well as a balcony and two garden terraces. The centrepiece of this exceptional residence is perhaps the designer tiled stove, which. The superior appointment underlines the uniqueness of this quite outstanding dwelling. The crowning glory of this property though must be the views facing out directly towards the castle residence of the royal family and taking in the spectacular mountain panorama from the gentle foothills of the principality.

Set within an exclusive residential complex with hour security, the villa also offers the utmost privacy. Beautiful Costa Smeralda beaches and the centre of Porto Cervo are just a few minutes away by car. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, and located next to the Pevero golf course, the residence is an absolutely ideal choice for golf players. Highlights include double exposure, an independent heating system, air conditioning and a security door. Conveniently located midway from the buonarroti and Wagner mm1 suburban rail stops, there are many amenities nearby including a kindergarten, the famous local market on Piazza Wagner, neighbourhood stores, and the shops, bars and restaurants of the Corso Vercelli and Via marghera.

Italy, lombardy PRice EUro 2. During the course of extensive restoration work in the year , period features such as wooden floors, panelled walls, stucco ceilings, terrazzo floors, tiles, windows, a fireplace and doors were either reconstructed using. InTerIor aPProx. Grand living interiors, a modern fitted bulthaup kitchen and two spacious bedrooms with dressing closets and exclusive bathrooms fulfil the most sophisticated of living standards.

Up to three parking spaces can also be acquired with the property. Only high-quality materials and elaborate techniques were used in its construction. From here, the roofed terrace with its views over the evergreen garden is just a few steps away. The exclusive interior design has drawn from the most exquisite materials, including porcelain stoneware. The bedroom is set under a spectacular glass dome ceiling, and features a walk-in closet.

The monumental living area with its intricate stucco pillars is worthy of particular note, as is the master bedroom with a dressing closet and en. The elegant sweeping staircase, the spectacular bar and the solid marble fireplace surround are all superb examples of masterly craftsmanship. The very highest quality building materials have also been used and finished to a superior standard. The old building has been completely gutted and refitted, and enlarged with the addition of a purist-style glazed extension that complements the lightflooded transparency with.

The exceptional aesthetics are complemented by the latest technology and four underground parking spaces. It is the flowing transition between the interior and exterior that sets this outstanding design apart, along with the top-quality flooring made from parquet and granite. Seven tastefully and brightly appointed rooms with many appealing details give the house a special character of its own. Generously sized bathrooms afford every conceivable comfort. Located between Hildesheim, Hameln and einbeck, this property lies on the edge of the mountainous Hils region and is surrounded by ample woodland.

Germany, north rhine-Westphalia PricE eUro 2. Large window frontages and the very best materials such as Verde spluga quartzite floors, maple and cherry wood parquet are just some of the special appointment characteristics. Upmarket materials have been used throughout here. Underfloor heating creates a pleasant atmosphere, while the fireplace caters for a cosy warmth.